Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brave Boy!

Jack hasn't like the pool but he was a brave boy today! It helped to have other kids in the pool with him!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Boy!

This was what Jack did the other day when he had the TV remote in his hand. Glad he's a bigger fan of the remote than the actual television!


Jack is 15 months old and is changing every day. He enjoys exploring around the yard and I enjoy watching him! Just a couple of pics you might enjoy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stars and Stripes Lanterns!

I love the 4th of July and I love a bargain, combine the two and it's like fireworks for me!

Found these lighted lanterns for only 2 dollars for a box three...and they have clips for hanging and lights!
Great deal in my thrifty opinion!
But what to do with them??? Well Jack loves them so that's enough for me!

Stars and Stripes

Perfect color of blue!

These even have their own strand of lights and clips.

15 months old today! I have such a difficult time getting good pics of him!

ha ha! He looks pretty bored with me!

Time to get outta here!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pillow with Ric Rac

I love ric rac. It's old fashioned and fun. I remember it being used on lots of things when I was a little girl. Clothing, aprons, pillowcases. Really, I guess folks would add it to anything they could!

Even though I do not often sew, I do have some fabric scraps from the last year or so. Mostly from Jessie saying "Mom would you make this..."

I really don't like fabric laying around that I'm not using. When I ran across this orange piece, (Jessie had bought last Christmas to make camera straps), I thought it was perfect for an outdoor pillow.  

I added a little ric rac for some "fun".
I think it turned out ok, remember-I like shortcuts and what I make is never perfect, but that's ok with me!

I like the green with the orange

Place your rick rack between your fabric, right sides together.

Leave the tips of the rick rack sticking out. Try to make your seam so it catches the middle of the rick rack.

Sew as you go! I didn't use any pins, but it would make it easier.

After it's pressed, this is how it should look.
Reminds me of a dinosaur back.

I left an opening in the center end of the pillow.

This stuffing is from an old bed pillow. Don't throw those pillows away, keep them and reuse the stuffing!

30 min later, here it is!

It's cute and even more so since it was FREE!
Go sew!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

1982 World's Fair

2012-The 30 year anniversary of Knoxville hosting the 1982 World's Fair.  Jessie was born in Dec of 1981 so she was still a baby. Tanner was almost 4 years old. We only made it to the fair once, and I don't even remember very much about it.

After watching a news report on the fair's anniversary - I remembered the T-shirts we bought the kids and went on a hunt for them. Several boxes later...there they were.

Here are some pics of the shirts and Jack wearing Jessie's-30 years later! Wow, never thought about that when I bought them! So much fun to find things like this! Be careful what you throw or give just might want it 30 years later!

Tanner and Jessie's Fair T-Shirts from 1982

Jack wearing Jessie's shirt exactly 30 years later!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Porch Footstool Project!

Bought a little footstool that I thought would be perfect for our porch. Only spending a few dollars at a thrift store made it look even more perfect! Add a little paint and outdoor fabric and this is what you have! I lightly sanded a few of the corners to make it look a little worn, has lots of chips in it so it looked pretty worn without any help from me. Now it's ready for the kiddo's that might like to knock it around!

This is outdoor fabric and durable. $10 yard at a local fabric outlet. I only used a small piece so there's plenty left for other projects! Maybe some outdoor pillows... the top of bench came off easily, just had 4 screws holding it on.
I used a staple gun and layered the new fabric right over the old. I like shortcuts!

While the top of off, I painted it with this Lowes Valstar spray paint. I love the green color,
maybe should have gone with the blue in the flowers but...lovin the green!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Succulents in Vintage Yellow!

OK, I am a "succa" for trends, I admit it. And succulents are trending. Everywhere I look I'm reading about them these days.  Actually I never really liked succulents. They look so....old.
Maybe that's why they look so great in this great little vintage planter I bought several months ago.
It was a dollar well spent, but I could never find the right thing to put in it...until now. These little bright cacti are perfect. Couldn't resist them at Lowes tonight. The moss I pulled from my flower bed, so for a few dollars I have a sweet little trend going on.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vintage Metal Lawn Chair

I finally brought this vintage chair home that I found in my dad's garage. Forgot to take any before pics and I don't know what color the original was. But it was painted white (had black paint underneath the white).  Quite a bit of rust added in there too! I know sandblasting and priming would have been a good idea...but...that takes entirely tooooo long. So I just painted right over the rust and chipped paint. Well, I did scrape a little, but very little.

I think it turned out great. The layers of paint just add character don't you think :)

Very pleased with the paint. True to color and dried so fast!

I love the color! How do you like the little vintage yellow flower pot!

This is the paint I used and it went on great!
The color was exactly the same as the lid.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our First Yarn Headband!

A little project over the weekend:
Bailey teaching Bella how to crochet = headband for Baby Mallie- who is due to arrive in October.
I am predicting lots of these little yarny thingy's in the next few months!

Since we didn't have a baby girl around, Jack's doggie had to step in.
He didn't mind so much!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outer Banks Vacation!

Ariel and Tanner sound-side on Roanoke Island

Ariel and Tanner in front of our cottage-LOVE NAGS HEAD!

AJ and Jack "fossil" hunting at the Aquarium

North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island

Sound-side on Roanoke Island-Near Andy Griffith's home!

Just a few pics of our May vacation! The blog is letting me add pics again! Let's see how many we can do!