Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pillow with Ric Rac

I love ric rac. It's old fashioned and fun. I remember it being used on lots of things when I was a little girl. Clothing, aprons, pillowcases. Really, I guess folks would add it to anything they could!

Even though I do not often sew, I do have some fabric scraps from the last year or so. Mostly from Jessie saying "Mom would you make this..."

I really don't like fabric laying around that I'm not using. When I ran across this orange piece, (Jessie had bought last Christmas to make camera straps), I thought it was perfect for an outdoor pillow.  

I added a little ric rac for some "fun".
I think it turned out ok, remember-I like shortcuts and what I make is never perfect, but that's ok with me!

I like the green with the orange

Place your rick rack between your fabric, right sides together.

Leave the tips of the rick rack sticking out. Try to make your seam so it catches the middle of the rick rack.

Sew as you go! I didn't use any pins, but it would make it easier.

After it's pressed, this is how it should look.
Reminds me of a dinosaur back.

I left an opening in the center end of the pillow.

This stuffing is from an old bed pillow. Don't throw those pillows away, keep them and reuse the stuffing!

30 min later, here it is!

It's cute and even more so since it was FREE!
Go sew!

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