Wednesday, August 18, 2010

tanner visits mayfields dairy

this is a result of today's visit. now we know what they do after the cows are milked!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

fun times at vonore high

ok, so last night was part one my (kind of dreaded) 36 year high school reunion.  yes, 36, not 35 or 40 like most are. just plain old 36.  most of us have not seen each other in years.

well, it was......FUN. 

vonore high was a very small school in east tennessee that was located on the little tennessee river.  tva + rivers, you know what happens next.  now vonore high is located in madisonville and has become sequoyah high and vonore has a huge lake.  the early 70's were a time of turmoil in that area so being lakefront last night with all our old friends was kind of bittersweet.

all that aside, i know now just how lucky, blessed, fortunate, whatever words you would like to use, to grow up with a small group of friends in a time such as the 70's were.  wouldn't trade it for anything and yes i would gladly go back to do it again.....maybe.

Monday, August 9, 2010


nothing important going on,  just had to use today's date somewhere!  i am checking out some cool blogs and wondering why i can't be creative enough to have one.  so today, right now, this very minute i am going to post some cool things i have around the house.  i least i think so, and there is nothing wrong about being "cool" these days.

me and my favorite keens in the hiwassee river, that's cool

a spot to keep that card or invite you love, even after the event, cool.

how cool is a favorite vase

how about these glass bottles?  i bought one around 1968 which looks almost idenical to the tall one on the left.  1968/2010, i still love the same items.  that's cool.   

sculpture greg and i made from small river rock. fun and cool

nothing cool about these eggs not hatching, but it is cool that i kept them.  even cooler that they didn't rot and smell (even though greg said they would and i should not bring them in the house.)

and wooden birds, almost as cool as the real thing :)

stay cool!