Sunday, July 19, 2009


i had a friend named joyce in high school who would call me every few days and say, "can i spend the night with you?"  of course the answer was always yes, and my mom would go pick her up or her mom would drop her off.  we would talk half the night about the latest gossip at school, the last football game (which we probably lost) or what we were going to do the next day.  i don't remember us talking very much about the future, we thought those days would last forever.  

joyce and i have not spent a lot of time together since, but she seems to always magically appear when i need her.  the most recent, until tonight, was last year when she learned my dad died suddenly.  

joyce knew we have been at vanderbilt hospital where greg's mother louise, had surgery last week.  she is still in intensive care and we are doing a lot of traveling back and forth.  so what a treat when joyce walks in.  (probably forgot to add that my friend now lives in nashville). 
thanks joyce for the homemade trail mix and good conversation! and i need to ask you something, "can i spend the night with you?"
(i'm not kidding, need a place to stay, call me!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

biking in cade's cove

Greg and I loaded up bikes after work on Friday, dropped Tanner off at Jessie's and headed up to Townsend.

We woke early on Saturday morning and arrived at Cade's Cove by 7:30. Lots of people walking, running and biking around the Cove. Saw deer, a turkey and finally at the end of the loop, what I had been waiting on, A BEAR! It walked right out of the woods in front of me and I had to stop, (of course) and let him get across the road. Too bad I was so excited that I didn't have time to grab my camera for a quick pic!

A great way to start the weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tanner's exciting day

While driving home from work today Tanner called to let me know he was home a little early. He was excited and said he had something to tell me when I got home. He wouldn't tell me anything more, except that is was something about Springbrook.

Tanner has worked at Springbrook for the past 4 years. He loves his job and co-workers. We always know who plays golf or eats lunch there on Wednesdays! When someone asks him what he does at Springbrook, Tanner answer is, "whatever they want me to do."

When I came into the house he was waiting with an 8x10 photograph of John Ward. Voice of the Vols. The picture is signed: To Tanner from John Ward, Give him six! Mr. Ward played golf today and was nice enough to spend a little time with Tanner and give him the photograph. Thanks John Ward! And thanks Springbrook!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

july 4

For us, July 4 has always been family time, and now for quiet a while "cousin" time.

When I was young we would usually work in our vegetable garden on the 4th and then my dad would take us all to Chilhowee lake for the day. Sometimes we would even spend the whole weekend. Our camping out was throwing a large tarp through the trees, and sleeping bags on the hard ground, or if you were lucky, an army cot. My cousins and I would spend every moment swimming in the lake.

Now we have a pool and for the last dozen years or so, it is filled with cousins on the 4th. This year Nancy, Les, Jesse Anne, Maggie, Morgan, Joe, Grace, and Jake were with us. We missed Kate, who is giving up a week of her summer vacation to do mission work in Guatamala. I know the Simpson clan is very proud of her, as we all are! Jessie was off from work so she and her friend Kathyrn came over as well. (their husbands decided that playing golf was a better way to spend the day.) We had a great time and watched amazing fireworks later at the Simpson farm.
Thanks friends and family for a great 4th of July!

Monday, July 6, 2009

our first blog

it has been suggested that Tanner and I start a blog as he seems to know everything about the family. so here we are!

I have been reading blogs for quite awhile and find them very entertaining. in fact, I love them! but what if no one reads or cares about what I am doing? so to take care of this little problem, Tanner and I will be keeping everyone updated on what you are doing! so look out family and friends of east tennessee!