Monday, February 28, 2011


Well the gourds are finally up and they look great!

 But it came a terrible storm today, with lots of rain and...the paint came off some of the gourds-houses.

So sad, I've learned that lesson the hard way. I now notice the old ones look like they have been painted with a brush. Guess I should have researched a little more. Anyway, they should be fine for a few years... I hope.

Thanks to a cousin for putting up the last dozen for me.
It was kind of really scary up on that ladder!

Friday, February 18, 2011


i am going to try and put wires on the gourds today.  they really need to be up and ready. in fact, i'm so sure this needs to be done that i loaded them all in the truck, ( put them in front with me, i was afraid they'd blow out the back) & took them to work for a "lunch hour" project.

lady drivin to work in a small old toyota truck. can't see the lady cause of the 4 huge feedbags filled with gourds. lady can't see anything to the right of her cause of the 4 huge feedbags filled with gourds.

don't ya just love livin in the country.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

yes, it is a baby necktie

i worked about 3 hours making a baby necktie for you know who. i wanted a real tie. oh, i know he will never wear it, but thought it would be something special and he might as well know from the very start....every man sometime, will have to wear a tie.

and for the first time, i tied it by myself...thanks to a google search.
you will not find one of these at baby gap, this tiny tie is the cutest thing ever!

crocus? where are you?

we moved into the house we now live in on valentines day 1997. it was a warm sunny day. i remember one of the friends who helped us move saying,"she already has "flares" blooming in the yard".  those "flare's" were yellow crocus and they have bloomed every year around this LOVEly time.  i'm sure they were placed in the ground years ago.

today is february 16 and there is no sign of the crocus. my daffodils are coming up, so maybe the crocus will decide to pop out later, but i am a little worried.

this fall i will try and remember to put out more spring bulbs. jack will need a flare to pick.

this yard cart was a gift from greg.

bulbs i planted 10 years ago 

Friday, February 11, 2011

the mobile

just had to add a quick note about the mobile. took it to work today to show my office-mate, and another co worker dropped by with her 11 month old daughter. the little one loved it! the mobile was what caught her eye even with all junk great stuff in our office.

results are in for 11 month olds!

project completed as promised!

well it only took about 3 hours uh, 12 hours to complete this project.
here are a list of things needed:
split rings
craft paper (michaels)
circle cutter (michaels with 40% off)
realized i had to have the cutting mat, ( trip to walmart 0% off)
small hole punch, not the typical paper hole punch (another trip, found something i could use at big lots)
dowel (needed smaller one, lucky i had one in my craft closet)
white paint. (spray paint did not work, only took a couple of minutes to paint with brush.)
fishing line
glue gun
dremmel tool and drill
last thing needed; lots of patience...

finished project is a cute, handmade, modern mobile that hopefully will be exciting for jack to look at.
it is very lightweight and has lots of movement.
these are the colors of his room, but also the symbols of nature. blue for the sky, green for trees and the small bright white circles remind me of little bursts of clouds.

not sure how the pictures will look, but we love it. 
welcome to the world jack!

greg thought i needed his help

and i did!
finished at last

if he ever gets his hands on this;
it's a goner :)

another view

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new project

well the new project is coming along nicely. have to be finished by friday night as it is something for jack bradley's nursery.  i want to give it to jessie at the shower her friends are throwing her. will post some pics and give you a little hint as to what it is.

i can put this in the blog cause' jessie never reads it!
my handy, dandy new circle cutter

2 hours and 56 circles later
couple more hours of work tonight

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


why do i take on so many different projects!

you can read about my "decluttering" project here;
my gourd project here; here; and here;
my cooking project here;
notice n-o-n-e- of them are competed.

two new projects this week that must be finished by saturday. oh dear me.
but check back later, i think you will like it.
hint: (crafty project for the soon to arrive grandson.)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


i took the time to download the audiobook-eat, pray, love tonight. well, what appeals to some doesn't appeal to all. listened for about 20 minutes. i didn't like the book at all.
it's :( to waste all that time. well at least now i know not to bother with the movie.

best audiobook i've ever listened to: the secret life of bees! you must!

oh well, on to the next one.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


greg gave me an ipod for Christmas and i am really enjoying it. the 50 dollar itunes card made it even sweeter. feeling good that i discovered the r.e.a.d.s. program at the library! free audiobooks to checkout. i will say it!

just finished that great book, "in His steps". think i'll visit the library tonight and check out another book.

i also have 3 movies on my ipod "you've got mail", "juno" and "mitilda". do i watch them at work? no, never, of course not, why would i do that, don't even mention it :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


this is bella. don't you just love her look. she loves animals, doesn't care to get dirty and is up for almost anything. bella stays with me often on saturday nights and we have a blast. she never meets a stranger, loves soccer, rides in horse shows and likes to sing with me. in fact we are writing a song about baby jack, my soon to be grandboy. i'll post it just as soon as we have it finished.

greg describes bella, little on the hyper side. i say she's just got a lot of livin' to do, (and trys to do it all!) and i think that is grand.