Wednesday, June 16, 2010

overgrown landscaping

our ranch style home was built around 1969.  i believe that most of our landscaping was planted at that time as well.  we have lots of flowering shrubs in our yard.  most of which, i am sorry to report have not been trimmed since 2006.  that year is easy to remember because jessie and jason's wedding was in june of that hot summer, at our house, in our back yard.

well the time has come, and the time is now, tonight actually, that i decided the clippers had to come out of storage.  i am NOT a good trimmer.  greg is much better at that.  when i start clipping i cannot stop!  in fact, most of what we have has been cut, cut to the ground.  it looks pretty sad. very sad.  if history repeats itself, in a summer, or two, there will be lots of beautiful spring blooms.  

trying to figure out how to apply this to my own life.  get rid of the old, overgrown so new life can spring up and bloom even more lovely than before.

(only about 1/4 finished with this project.  hope i see it to the end without any serious cuts, bruises, stabs, etc.  had some close calls tonight!)

Monday, June 14, 2010

high school reunion

so i and a couple of friends are planning our high school reunion. i  decided to do some google searching but most popular were these topics: 
should you attend your high school reunion? 
the disadvantages of attending your high school reunion.
how to emotionally prepare for your high school reunion.  
what to expect at your high school reunion. 

yikes!  was 1974 that bad!