Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Porch Footstool Project!

Bought a little footstool that I thought would be perfect for our porch. Only spending a few dollars at a thrift store made it look even more perfect! Add a little paint and outdoor fabric and this is what you have! I lightly sanded a few of the corners to make it look a little worn, has lots of chips in it so it looked pretty worn without any help from me. Now it's ready for the kiddo's that might like to knock it around!

This is outdoor fabric and durable. $10 yard at a local fabric outlet. I only used a small piece so there's plenty left for other projects! Maybe some outdoor pillows... the top of bench came off easily, just had 4 screws holding it on.
I used a staple gun and layered the new fabric right over the old. I like shortcuts!

While the top of off, I painted it with this Lowes Valstar spray paint. I love the green color,
maybe should have gone with the blue in the flowers but...lovin the green!

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