Monday, June 18, 2012

Vintage Metal Lawn Chair

I finally brought this vintage chair home that I found in my dad's garage. Forgot to take any before pics and I don't know what color the original was. But it was painted white (had black paint underneath the white).  Quite a bit of rust added in there too! I know sandblasting and priming would have been a good idea...but...that takes entirely tooooo long. So I just painted right over the rust and chipped paint. Well, I did scrape a little, but very little.

I think it turned out great. The layers of paint just add character don't you think :)

Very pleased with the paint. True to color and dried so fast!

I love the color! How do you like the little vintage yellow flower pot!

This is the paint I used and it went on great!
The color was exactly the same as the lid.

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