Thursday, June 21, 2012

1982 World's Fair

2012-The 30 year anniversary of Knoxville hosting the 1982 World's Fair.  Jessie was born in Dec of 1981 so she was still a baby. Tanner was almost 4 years old. We only made it to the fair once, and I don't even remember very much about it.

After watching a news report on the fair's anniversary - I remembered the T-shirts we bought the kids and went on a hunt for them. Several boxes later...there they were.

Here are some pics of the shirts and Jack wearing Jessie's-30 years later! Wow, never thought about that when I bought them! So much fun to find things like this! Be careful what you throw or give just might want it 30 years later!

Tanner and Jessie's Fair T-Shirts from 1982

Jack wearing Jessie's shirt exactly 30 years later!

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