Friday, January 25, 2013

Matilda Jane Good Luck Sale

OK, I am a sucker for cute country looking clothes. Now we have little Mallie to buy for and its gonna be so much fun. When Jessie was small Laura Ashley dresses were very popular and I'd buy the patterns and make cute ones myself. I plan to do the same with my little Nandaughter. (Jack has taken to calling me Nan so I tell everyone they are my "Nan"kids!)

My first purchases with Matilda Jane cause it's their 1/2 price sale! I just can't justify buying at the original price.

So I guess i got "lucky" at the Good Luck Sale today!

Here are pics of most of my purchases! Can't wait to see her in them this fall!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miss Mallie wins Photo of the Year!

Amy Larson Photography just completed her photo of the year contest...and guess who won! Why yes, it was Little Mallie. The photo was taken when she was 10 days old. Be sure to visit her website, Amy is a wonderful newborn photographer!

And I can't leave Jack out of this post. Here is photo of him
at 10 days, also by Amy Larson!