Sunday, July 19, 2009


i had a friend named joyce in high school who would call me every few days and say, "can i spend the night with you?"  of course the answer was always yes, and my mom would go pick her up or her mom would drop her off.  we would talk half the night about the latest gossip at school, the last football game (which we probably lost) or what we were going to do the next day.  i don't remember us talking very much about the future, we thought those days would last forever.  

joyce and i have not spent a lot of time together since, but she seems to always magically appear when i need her.  the most recent, until tonight, was last year when she learned my dad died suddenly.  

joyce knew we have been at vanderbilt hospital where greg's mother louise, had surgery last week.  she is still in intensive care and we are doing a lot of traveling back and forth.  so what a treat when joyce walks in.  (probably forgot to add that my friend now lives in nashville). 
thanks joyce for the homemade trail mix and good conversation! and i need to ask you something, "can i spend the night with you?"
(i'm not kidding, need a place to stay, call me!)

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  1. I know Joyce was and is a great friend of yours. She has to be to have put up with me to watch the Muppets when I was little! lol