Monday, July 6, 2009

our first blog

it has been suggested that Tanner and I start a blog as he seems to know everything about the family. so here we are!

I have been reading blogs for quite awhile and find them very entertaining. in fact, I love them! but what if no one reads or cares about what I am doing? so to take care of this little problem, Tanner and I will be keeping everyone updated on what you are doing! so look out family and friends of east tennessee!


  1. This is great! Looking forward to reading your blogs

  2. I think this is wonderful! A Family Blog - A great tool to keep up w/everyone in the family. When I get curious about the family I always give "my" Tanner a call and he updates me............I'm now a little nervous about what I say.......... Love you guys!!
    Debbie...aka Tanner's favorite cousin!

  3. From Sharon McNutt
    Hi Tanner! Hi Lynette!