Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tanner's exciting day

While driving home from work today Tanner called to let me know he was home a little early. He was excited and said he had something to tell me when I got home. He wouldn't tell me anything more, except that is was something about Springbrook.

Tanner has worked at Springbrook for the past 4 years. He loves his job and co-workers. We always know who plays golf or eats lunch there on Wednesdays! When someone asks him what he does at Springbrook, Tanner answer is, "whatever they want me to do."

When I came into the house he was waiting with an 8x10 photograph of John Ward. Voice of the Vols. The picture is signed: To Tanner from John Ward, Give him six! Mr. Ward played golf today and was nice enough to spend a little time with Tanner and give him the photograph. Thanks John Ward! And thanks Springbrook!

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