Saturday, March 9, 2013

Old Picture = New Chalkboard

I found this old picture while cleaning out the basement at my dad's old house. It's a large rectangle, I am sure my mother bought it years ago to hang over the couch.

I almost tossed it out, but then the thought struck me to just paint it...with chalkboard paint. And that's what I did.

Now it leans against the wall in our living room where its available for little hands or big hands.

Try it, it's a fun thing to have around...

Glad I didn't toss it out!

I didn't even take the picture out of the frame.

There are lots of different chalkboard paints.
This was a quick and easy one to get.

After the first coat of paint. I think I painted 3 coats and it
dries really fast. Just painted it on the kitchen table.

It's lightweight so I just leaned it against the wall.

Joy to the World!

"Quick and Cute" 


When I want to take a pic its so easy to lay the
chalkboard in the floor. Ignore the foot in the right corner :)
Before and After.
Well worth the effort!

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