Saturday, March 9, 2013

St. Patty's Day Ruffled Skirt

Well.... I'm baccccckkk.
After months of putting it off, I finally downloaded the app to connect my android phone to the old mac notebook computer. And it took me another couple of hours to get the old mac to like the samsung android phone.  Just another reason I should have switched cell phone service to Verizon and bought the iphone.

Another something I finally did was start sewing for Mallie. It was so much fun, but I have gotten a little rusty, or my fingers have!  We bought her a little St Patricks day shirt and Jessie mentioned she'd like to have a ruffled shirt to wear with it. And now she does!

It's really cute, and I didn't use a pattern. Just kinda went by memory of sewing and just a wee bit help from pinterest :)

Here are the pics, I didn't want it to be "matchy matchy" and I plan to make her another shirt to wear with it.  Now I have a very loonnnnng list of sewing project for Mallie...and me!

I just sewed a little straight skirt and added elastic.
The ruffles are sewn to the top of the green skirt.
Was pretty easy. But I didn't snap any pics.

A little green peeks out underneath.

The mint green blends really well although the pics do not show it.

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