Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yarn Chandelier-It worked!

I have been wanting to make a yarn chandelier.  After reading some comments on blogs that sometimes the yarn will collapse, I wasn't sure it would work! But yeah! Believe it or not, I have a perfect orange yarn chandelier after the first try. Guess I better get to work on more of these for Jack's birthday party!

Here is a note that may be important. I saw on one blog, that you should coat the balloon in petroleum jelly before wrapping the yarn around it. I decided to go with this method and it worked so I will probably use it each time. I only used a small amount and smeared it over balloon with my hands. (After I blew up the balloon!)

Next I made a mixture of children's craft glue and water. I didn't have enough glue so I used "Puzzle Saver" to mix in with it. The Puzzle Saver glue was very sticky! I think it might have been the secret to it working well!

I cut long strings of thin yarn I had on hand, dipped it in the glue mixture and wrapped it around the balloon. I wrapped some of the yarn vertical and others pieces horizontal.  I just randomly put it on.

After drying for 12 hours I checked on it and...the glue did not stick to the balloon!

This was so exciting and it didn't require a lot of effort, time or money. Maybe I just lucked out but...if I can do it so can you!

These are the items I used. This is messy so you will need newspaper.
When it's hanging to dry, the glue will drip so be sure to put newspaper
under it. I used puzzle saver and all purpose glue.

Bella carefully pushed around on the yarn to make
sure it wasn't stuck to the balloon. It wasn't at all!

Bella did the honors of bursting the balloon!
We were nervous!

So excited to have a perfect yarn sphere!

How cute will this be hanging up with lots of others!

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