Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newborn Beaded Bracelets

Here is the pic of Jack's bracelet he wore as a newborn. Well actually it's the third bracelet I made for him. Jessie and I lost the first two.  One was lost at her house before she went to the hospital. The other I lost after taking it to the hospital. Even made it into the room before it disappeared. The third bracelet finally made it onto his arm!

I suppose Jessie thought she's better snap a pic before it went awol again!

This beautiful little girl is Miss Tillie. She is happily wearing a beaded bracelet of her own!
(photo by Brittany Toomey)

Sweet Tillie baby

There might be a little 6 lb newborn sporting one of these in Chattanooga today!
Welcome to the world Miss Mia!

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