Friday, January 20, 2012

Recover an office chair

Before and After
This is a cheap-oh office chair, but we do use it every now and then. It was either cover it or trash it. I saw one on pinterest and decided to try it on my own, didn't even look a the tutorial.
If I can too!

I began with this Chevron fabric I found at a local
fabric outlet. Only 7.95 a yard and it's 54 in wide!
So, fabric for this project was only about 2.50! Yeah!
The color is blue but these pics are not showing it very well.

This is the back of the chair. Remove the two screws you see in the photo.
This is what it will look like after you remove the screws
and pop the cover off.  It was easier than I thought.

Cut your fabric and use either staples or glue. I used a hot
glue gun as our staple gun seems to have gone awol.

Use a flathead screwdriver to help squeeze it back together.
(More like popping it back together!)

The screwdriver will also help get any wrinkles out that
are still there. Just keep poking it down into the plastic cover!
The seat of the chair is similar to the back of the chair. It will have more
screws to take out and you need to take off the arms of the
chair as well. Mine had a total of 10 screws.  Don't let taking the arms off intimidate you, it was easy.
Hot glue or staple just like you did the back of the chair.
Then pop the plastic over on.
This is the bottom of the chair.
Note that I forgot about the screws going back in.
Had to cut openings so don't forgot to pay attention when you take it apart!
Finished product! Only took me about an hour!
I think it's going to stay with us now!

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