Monday, January 23, 2012

One Pink Bootie

I have always loved wool felt. So, I'm not quite sure why I never learned the art of felting.  Maybe because it looks so time consuming and complicated. I have a friend who's willing to teach me...maybe someday.

I did try my hand at making a pair of cotton felt booties. Well, actually one felt baby bootie. 

I bought a Simplicity pattern and a 59 cent piece of cotton felt. The felt that's already cut into a small square, and used embroidery thread I already had at home.
I was just playing around with the shoe, thought maybe if it turned out really great, I would make a pair of real wool felted booties.  For some reason, I only made this one. 
(I have a closet full of unfinished projects!)  

Well the little bootie has found a home (or foot I guess I should say).  One of Jessie's friends, Jill, just had a baby girl and she wants to learn to make these. So I was very happy to turn the project over to her! Baby Tillie will soon be kicking around in her new boots! One of many pair I'm sure she will have!

My lucky find at TJ Maxx last year!
Wool felted change purse and only 3.99!
Fits my ipod perfectly!

One unfinished felt project.
One felt project someone else finished.
Thanks someone else!

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