Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Add some rick-rack to burp cloth!

Adding rick rack to a burp cloth is worth the effort.
Just look at the difference between the left and right edges!

These are scraps of fabric I used. Just cut strips and sew.
Do not measure, you want them  to be uneven.
My daughter and her friends give this method a thumbs up!

It is not difficult. Just tuck the rick rack in as you sew.

Fold the rick rack under as you finish the edge.
(disregard the unmanicured fingernails!)

Finish the edge as best as you can. After they have
been in the laundry, the diaper crinkles and it will look fine.
Remember babies are going to be spitting up on it!
It does not have to be perfect.

Do try to match the rick rack when folding it under.

Fold and press the bottom edge before sewing.
The diapers are not always straight, so just work with it.

Finished! Ready to gift to another new mom!

You can also use ribbon for the edges...or sometimes I use piping.

Love the sunny yellow polka dots!

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