Monday, March 10, 2014

Driftwood Clothes Hanger

I needed a clothes hanger last night for a dress I had made for Mallie.
I saw one on Pinterest a few months ago but can't find it to share, but I will keep looking and hopefully add it later.
Greg goes to the Hiwassee river often to look for pieces of driftwood so I had lots to choose from for this project.  I explained what I wanted and 10 min later I had this: 

He did smooth out the ends of the driftwood for me.
This piece is about 10 in long.

Drill a small hole, just big enough for a piece
from a wire clothes hanger.

I used a brown wire clothes hanger, with
wire cutters you can cut the hook off.

Goes right in the drilled hole.

Now you have a cute hanger for special outfits.
I am using these while working on projects, and for
taking pics for Jess.

Must cuter than a plastic hanger. Greg is
looking for a perfect piece of driftwood that
has more shape to it.  But this one works fine!

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