Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Toy Story

When I packed Buzz and Woody away years ago I didn't really think about when they'd make another appearance. But I'm happy to say Jack and Mallie have discovered the magic of Toy Story now Buzz and Woody live again! They both love them! Jack sleeps with Buzz, Woody, Jesse and Bullseye (who was a Christmas present) every night!  And Mallie can say "Buzz" even though she hardly ever say MaMa or Nan!  I just realized today that she calls all the figures "Buzz", even Woody. 

When I unpacked Buzz, he didn't work but after a change of batteries he decided to let us hear him, every now and then.  Seems his arm has to be in a certain position and his buttons have to be pushed numerous times!  But he works and that is really a miracle since he is almost 20 years old!

Woody had quit working even before he was boxed away and a change of batteries didn't seem to help him.  But another miracle occurred with him the other day.  I decided to punch around on his string with a screwdriver and all of the sudden...he talks!  Jack screamed and was so excited about that!

Jesse I purchased at a local "junk" store.  She was new but no box and she didn't talk either.  Jason changed her batteries and it didn't seem to help.  Jessie, (my Jessie) said one night they heard voices coming from Jack's room after bedtime and it was Jesse (the doll) talking!  And she is still talking.

So if you have old Toy Story dolls, don't give up if they have quit working, just keep trying new things to fix them!

Really this is all I did to get buzz working! I just slid the screwdriver under
his shirt, where the string is attached and he started talking, well
when his string is pulled of course, it's wonderful. I was more excited than the kiddo's!

Mallie decided to do a little "work" on Buzz herself!

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