Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thrifty Magnet Toy

Stopped by a thrift store today and found this neat magnet toy for Jack and Mallie, (and Greg too, ha ha, he will love it!)  I will have to be careful and only let them play with it when someone is supervising, but couldn't pass up a dollar find like this!

After I brought it home and played with it myself, I decided it needed something more special than a plastic bowl with a lid to store it in.  And since I have been trying to use up some fabric scraps seemed like a little drawstring bag would be perfect.

Nothing really special just quick and easy, but I think it's super cute and makes putting away toys so much more fun!

Love the bright colors and such a neat toy!

Just 2 square of fabric scraps.

I just made a square and hemmed the top,
and added a ribbon thru it.

Can't wait to see what Jack makes with these!
Guess what's inside? Yep, magnet toys!!

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