Monday, January 13, 2014

Mallie's Valentine Dress

Had so much fun making Mallie a valentine dress complete with matching bow and her own drawstring purse!  It was an easy pattern from Pinterest - free! I looked for the link but couldn't find it available now. It was a 3 months and I enlarged it to a 12 month. But there are lots of free patterns out there if you search.
I took a few pics while making it.  I haven't sewn for her in a long time and was so afraid it was going to be too small, but it fits!

I added these new pics which are a little better.


 I cut the owl with my new silhouette cutting machine, just learning
how to use it and it can be tricky cutting fabric!
I was going to use a big red heart but decided I liked the Valentine Owl instead.

 And what's a new dress without a new drawstring purse to carry with it!
I didn't have a pattern, just kind of made it up as I went.
I made a bow as well from 2 different types of ribbons.

 This is the back of the dress and purse.  Just wanted to show you
how it would look just plain with no applique.
Sometimes plain is best.

 A quick how to on adding rick rack to a hem.
I like to press the hem as you can see if you look closely
in the above photo.  Notice it is on the right side of fabric.

 This was tiny rick rack. I sew right along the pressed hemline, catching the trim
close to the edge.  The right edge as in the pic.
 It should look like this and remember this is the front of the
dress on the right side of the fabric, sewing along you pressed hemline.
(The pressed hemline us under the ric rac )
 Then just flip your hemline up, where it was pressed.
I hope I am making some sense of this ha ha!!
 This is how it should look, again this is right side of fabric.
Now just hem, either on your machine or by hand, or use heming tape.
I hope you will try it, Rick Rack, (I've seen it spelled so many different way!)
is so much fun and adds just the right amount of cuteness to any project!

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