Friday, September 6, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Garland

I love the look of paper garland :)
So I haven't posted in a long long time, but I have been working on several projects. Mallie's first birthday is September 22 and I'm really having fun making her some charming little decorations for the party. Which by the way is at my house :)

I love garland, and its fun to make.

Here's what I used but you could change it up any way you want.

18 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper (1/2 price at Hobby Lobby =  only $5.00)
Paper punch ( I only have one, but I love it and have used it alot)
Sewing machine (You could hand sew or attach with yarn etc)

My punch can cut 25 shapes from one 12x12 sheet. I like to use the solid colors so it the same on both sides. That equals to 450 disc flower shapes for the 18 sheets I had.  After sewing them (leaving appox 1 inch or so between each shape) I ended up with about 90 feet of garland.

Now that's a good deal. 90 feet of garland for 5 dollars, plus a little time.  I LOVE making this garland.  Change up you color scheme for holidays and you can use this anytime of the year!

Here are a few pics. Not sure how we are going to use it at the party, but it will look cute I'm sure!

I ended up with about 450 flower punch outs!

Lots of punching. Took about an hour or so

Just sew the paper as if it were fabric. I sew it down the middle
about an inch apart. But you could put them as close as you like.

This is part of my finished garland. And yes some of  it tangled and
I had to cut it apart. No problem. It's easier to work with about 10 feet
at a time anyway. You can always tape or sew them together later when you hang them.

90 feet of garland. What are we going to do with it??

I will pack it away until the party. Just fold up and put in a safe place.
It will do fine, just be careful when getting it out again :)

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