Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Recycled Oatmeal Box

Jessie saw one of these on Pinterest and had it on her "wish list" for Mallie.
Well I finally got around to making it. Turned out really cute!

Items needed:

Large empty oatmeal box with lid
Old candle stick, use something heavy
Two pieces of scrapbook paper
Spray Paint
Small wooden knob

I had all these things on hand, except the paper. I chose a vertical pattern because I thought her headbands would look better on it.   You can lift the lid and store hair bows or other treasures inside!

Paint an old candle stand.  I used  a new color, minty green,
I think the name was aqua mist.  This candlestick is heavy, which is good.

I had some old spray glue, so that is what I used, and
two pieces of scrapbook paper.  I placed the paper evenly
around the bottom and just turned down the paper at the top.

I hot glued the bottom of the oatmeal box to the top of the
candle holder. 

I chose vertical stripes and you don't even notice
the seams in the paper.

I also spray painted the lid of the oatmeal box and glued
an old wooden knob to the top to make a handle.