Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Onesie Gown

I finally attempted a onesie gown for Miss Mallie, who is due to arrive in October. My downfall is not being patient and thinking I have to finish something the SAME day I start it. Not sure why, but when I sew, I always hurry it along.

Anyway....here is the outcome of my 1 hour onesie gown.  There is no true tutorial. Others are much better at that than me. It's very easy to find a great one on pinterest etc. I'd advise always looking at more than one tutorial when you are needing instructions. There are some great ideas out there and always a better way!

This is cute, but not sure I will make another one. It's not stretchy enough and to be honest just doesn't look comfortable for a baby. I go for comfort over fashion any day! Let me know what you think!

Hope you have a  good night!

I knew Jes would like this fabric for Mallie

Using a long stitch to make gathers, always use more than one row, 3 is best

Yes, I measured, but I should have made the skirt wider

Pull your gathering threads and use a straight pin to spread them out evenly
Just run the pin back and forth, works great

This is one of Jack's onesies, I didn't measure,  used my eye to cut

Pin the skirt to the top of the onesie

After I was finished sewing the skirt on, I just added trim to hide the seam

The little rosette I made from bias tape. I do like this little flower :)

Jack getting impatient with my sewing

Jack checking out my sewing skills

The Mallie gown.
This photo doesn't show the drawstring in the hem. But I ended up putting it in.

I used this bias tape for the rosette and the liquid stitch worked pretty good.
At least it saved my fingers from the glue gun!

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