Thursday, August 9, 2012

Add rosettes to a side-snap T-Shirt

Yes, I am more than a little obsessed with rosette's right now. Maybe it's because I learned how to make them. Whatever the reason, I think Jessie is hoping it continues!

I bought 1/2 yard of this rosette trim at Walmart. It has very thin netting underneath that holds it together, which you can't see at all. The t-shirt is white but I think the netting would be almost invisible on anything. Would make really cute handbands too, and you can find it in different widths!

This side-snap t-shirt is a hand me down from Jack. It turned out so cute, don't you think? And the best part: only took about 15 minutes to complete. Hey, if I can do it, so can you!!

Items needed:
side-snap t shirt
1/2 yard of trim
needle and thread

Started with a hand me down t-shirt

1/2 yard of any kind of trim

Just used a needle and thread to sew by hand, quick and easy!

1/2 yard is all you need if the trim is thick. I cut it off here so it would not be bulky underneath.
But if using rick rack or a flat trim, you might want to go to the very bottom of the hem.

Added a sticker to this pic. Just pretending I have a monogram machine :)

Placing a sticker on it could actually help you decide if to monogram, or where and what color.

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