Wednesday, July 11, 2012

While we're waiting for Mallie...

For halloween this year, maybe Jack will be dressed as a Big Brother. But it won't be a costume! It will be for real! Mallie is due to arrive sometime before the end of October. I am so excited to have a Grand # 2 and feeling blessed to have them nearby. Life is sweet.

Jessie already has a closet full of clothes for her. These kids have so many cute clothes, and Jess too, I told her she could start a fashion blog! I am looking forward to adding to that wardrobe with some handmade things from her Granna!

We love finding bargains and that's how the nursery is evolving...with bargains. First Jessie found a quilt and bumper pad at what we call the "baby junk store". Really it's a store that sells Target returns. At great prices!

This is the quilt she chose and the knitted afghan I found at Goodwill. They both have the chevron pattern so she is gonna be one styling baby.

Half price at the "Baby Junk Store"!

Found this afghan at Goodwill for only 4 dollars. I thought it would look great with the quilt.

Going to be sweet when Jessie get's it ready! Probably about 1 day before she arrives!

This Pea in a Pod tray I painted yesterday is going to be just a little added touch from Granna.

Don't you love those tiny sunglasses in the tray. They belonged to my aunt, Mallie's great, great aunt who is 90. It's a little hair clasp. Got to be sure to take a pic of her wearing it! 

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