Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sneak Peak

This weekend we really went to work getting things ready for the big par-tay!
Yes, the big ONE for Jack! So hard to believe he will be a year old in just a week! 

Water Labels from "Cupcake Express" on Etsy.
We were lucky to have someone who could laminate them with "peel and stick".
So easy, best way to add labels to your bottles.

Cupcake Toppers, a project for next weekend!

Jessie cutting some labels!

Liz gave us a helping hand and told us
about her recent trip to San Francisco!
Liz was very e x c i t e d !

Globes from Jessie's wedding in 2006!
Sure glad I saved these!

Got this idea from Pinterest!

Ribbon from Wal Mart, and past projects.

Now on to the Birthday Hat.
Made  pattern from brown craft paper.
 I just worked with it til I finally got it right.

Our friend April, will be add a monogram to the orange checked fabric,
which later, will be part of the hat. Hard to visualize now, but you'll see later!
Made a little yarn pom-pom for the top.
If you tie a string to it, then... can pull the string down thru the center of the hat...
Check back later! 

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