Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake Toppers are trendy at the moment. Jessie ordered hers from " Cupcake Express" on etsy.  Quick easy way to get what you need at a minimal we thought.

You see, we never considered the cost of printing these little cuties or even how we'd cut them! Tried scissors, NO WAY! Tried my circle cutter, like I used here, another NO WAY. I ended up going to Hobby Lobby with my 1/2 price coupon and buying a scalloped paper punch. 

But, that OK cause it's a handy dandy little gadget and I'm sure we will get lots of use out of it. 

Printed 12 per sheet from etsy.

I found it was easier to cut into strips like this,
then punch.  Be sure to center it as best you can!
Be sure to "center" before you "punch"!

Jack and Tanner giving me a helping hand.

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