Thursday, March 29, 2012

Painted High Chair

After seeing several high chairs painted blue on pinterest, I really wanted one for Jack.  After looking for a couple of months I finally got lucky. Shannon, a friend and neighbor, had one in her Mother's attic. She was happy to let us use it, and didn't even mind the blue paint we wanted to use! A big thanks to Shannon. It will go back to her someday, but for now it's gonna be a great little addition to our kitchen. After the party of course.

Here a cute pic of Shannon and her husband Heith.

My friend and neighbor Shannon.

Shannon was a huge help to us when we were planning Jessie's wedding a few years ago. In fact, we could not have pulled it off without her! At that time Heith was in Iraq, so we decided to keep her really busy!

Back to the High Chair. Here are a few pics, still lacking a few finishing touches, but I think you'll like it!

After a little sanding from Ariel and AJ, I spayed a light coat of primer.Then I applied several light coats of spray paint I picked up at WalMart. The first paint I used was called Peacock Blue, but it had a little lilac going on. Ended up using this aqua color instead. I think Aqua Ocean Mist.

This turned out so cute, think I'll paint an old children's rocker we have. Keeping my eye out for more vintage high chairs! Love the painted look!

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