Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Birthday Photo Shoot

Jack is having a 3 "parter" birthday. It goes something like this:

Part One-
1st Birthday photo shoot was a couple of weeks ago. A friend of Jessie's is a part time photographer so we went to her house, even taking along a birthday cake.  (Does the cake really count as your first birthday cake when it was used only for photo's? Hmmmm...let me think on that one.

Part Two-
This was the real birthday. Last evening Jason's parents, my sister and the rest of us at the Hutsell house, went out to eat, ate some birthday cake, (for real this time)...and then took Jack to play at the Park.
And believe it or not, the little fellow even  blew out his birthday candle! Over and over! Such a cutie.

Part Three-
The Party. Yes, THE party will be Saturday at the Regional Park with more friends and family. We've made most ot the stuff for the big day, well in the process anyway.

Here are a few Part One photos. It's gonna take a few more blog posts to update you on all this partying!

The Cake Banner Tutorial is Here

Isn't that the cutest face ever!

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