Monday, December 12, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

Guess I'm a sucker for fads.

I first heard of the "Elf" a few years ago from Bella's mom. And, I guess thanks to Pinterest, the little Elf has made it's way into my Jessie's house.

The story behind the Elf is interesting. About how a regular Mom made up the game for her children and the rest is history.  Now there is an interactive website, which is making the little fellow really popular.

Jack's Elfy isn't named yet, Jessie is going to let him do that when he is older. He has brown hair and blue eyes. I didn't even know you could choose eye color! (I would have chosen brown for sure, but Jess said the blue is fine) When I purchased Elfy yesterday, there was only one left anyway.

Check it out here if you need to be "Elf-educated!

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