Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tag Blanket

Our friend Ariel was over this afternoon, as she always is on Wednesday's. She not only picked up Tanner at work, but made chocolate oatmeal cookies as well! Ariel brought along a sewing project for herself which inspired me to stitch up a little tag blanket for Jack.

I took a quick look on the internet for a tutorial, (even thought I'm sure it would have turned out great without it), but ya never know!

Jessie had bought some soft brown dotted fleece, can't remember what it's called, but everyone is using it these days for baby blankets. I used leftover fabric for the other side, and ribbon I already had at home. Wanting it to look a little different and since I love the look of patchwork so much, I decided on using strips of fabric for the other side.

Sorry, but I'm out of a good working camera right now so here's the best pic I have-

Make sure your strips are different sizes, makes it a much cooler tag blanket!

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