Friday, February 11, 2011

project completed as promised!

well it only took about 3 hours uh, 12 hours to complete this project.
here are a list of things needed:
split rings
craft paper (michaels)
circle cutter (michaels with 40% off)
realized i had to have the cutting mat, ( trip to walmart 0% off)
small hole punch, not the typical paper hole punch (another trip, found something i could use at big lots)
dowel (needed smaller one, lucky i had one in my craft closet)
white paint. (spray paint did not work, only took a couple of minutes to paint with brush.)
fishing line
glue gun
dremmel tool and drill
last thing needed; lots of patience...

finished project is a cute, handmade, modern mobile that hopefully will be exciting for jack to look at.
it is very lightweight and has lots of movement.
these are the colors of his room, but also the symbols of nature. blue for the sky, green for trees and the small bright white circles remind me of little bursts of clouds.

not sure how the pictures will look, but we love it. 
welcome to the world jack!

greg thought i needed his help

and i did!
finished at last

if he ever gets his hands on this;
it's a goner :)

another view

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  1. U r SO creative! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mobile for lil Jack!!! I was just thinking today @ what to get her. It won't be long now!!! :)