Saturday, January 22, 2011

today has been a good day

i was flipping thru channels on the tv the other day and for some reason i stopped on a music channel. it was a rap video and the guy was singing about the day being such a good day. this afternoon i thought to myself, today has been a good day.

i woke up and cleaned some on my house. it's a house that i love. today was a good day. i picked jessie up and we went to the junk stores. bought a beautiful blue dresser for 65 dollars. today was a good day. found the perfect curtains, blinds for baby jack's room. crib arrived and jason put it together. today was good day.

spent some time at upward basketball, watching tanner's team play. caught some great moments on video for awards night. today was a good day.

have two girls here playing and having a great time. bella spending the night. today is a good day. life is good, today is good. looking forward to tomorrow, which i think is going to be a good day.

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