Tuesday, January 18, 2011

apple-take a bite

yesterday i went to the apple store in west town. tanner's imac needed a new dvd drive, so we finally made the drive up to get the drive installed. if you haven't hung out in the apple world, well you should. all the techies i swear look alike, talk alike, sound alike...well you get it. and the customer base is about the same. i remember going into an apple store in cleveland tennessee, i think it was 1979. we wanted to buy one but did not have a credit card so our request was denied. no credit card, no apple computer. but believe me that newcomer named apple looked quite different than what you will find today. is apple really the superior computer. well i can only speak from what i know . after being involved in church media for almost 10 years and working with several different computer and software programs for that purpose... there is n-o-t-h-i-n-g that compares to the imac and their software for church media. everything always works perfect. it is the only way to go.

now the statement i just made is true, i swear! i spend several hours each week getting this computer ready and it has become my dependable friend. for home use, it is good but can't really say it's any better suited for our family than our other 2 pc's. in fact i am using a little acer right now.

i am thinking tanner and i should hang out at the apple store more often. look cool and learne more how to make it our dependable friend at home as well.

tanner does love his apple!

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