Monday, August 9, 2010


nothing important going on,  just had to use today's date somewhere!  i am checking out some cool blogs and wondering why i can't be creative enough to have one.  so today, right now, this very minute i am going to post some cool things i have around the house.  i least i think so, and there is nothing wrong about being "cool" these days.

me and my favorite keens in the hiwassee river, that's cool

a spot to keep that card or invite you love, even after the event, cool.

how cool is a favorite vase

how about these glass bottles?  i bought one around 1968 which looks almost idenical to the tall one on the left.  1968/2010, i still love the same items.  that's cool.   

sculpture greg and i made from small river rock. fun and cool

nothing cool about these eggs not hatching, but it is cool that i kept them.  even cooler that they didn't rot and smell (even though greg said they would and i should not bring them in the house.)

and wooden birds, almost as cool as the real thing :)

stay cool!

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