Saturday, July 31, 2010

what's for dinner?

taco salad last night,  grilled cheese and homemade fries tonight.  how is it that i walk out of ingles with a cart full of grocery items and still have nothing to cook for dinner?  surely there is a blogger who can help me! :(

when i have grandchildren hopefully they will want a grandmother who will take them to dollywood for a corn dog.


  1. That's funny. I haven't been on here in month's. My days seem to be way too busy. I made tomato juice this morning. I actually enjoy cooking when I have time. I cooked all day last Sunday and I even made Zucchini Bread. I wasn't feeling well today and I'm home alone so I made mashed potatoes and used for the first time my new potato peeler and almost cut my thumb off. It cut a big chunk along with my fingernail. I have beans to break and put up , but I can't do it now that I am injured! ha

  2. funny janet! i must say trying to blog about cooking is not helping me at all!