Thursday, March 18, 2010

got chicks?

farmer julie's post, got chicks, brought back memories of easter long ago.

when i was a little girl, we always bought our easter shoes at "taylor howard's". the shoes were kept in the basement of the store. the hardwood floors led us down a wide set of stairs that i remember to be squeaky and dark with wear. i couldn't wait to get down to the bottom to find that new pair of white patent leathers. after the shoes were purchased mr howard would have the children to pick out a special easter "chick' to take home.

choosing the little chick was more difficult than choosing the shoes! you see, the shoes were always white patent leather, but the chicks were the colors of easter eggs! yellow, pink, purple, blue, green - oh what a difficult decision. they were in a box, chirping and pooping all over the place. we just had to reach in and catch the one we wanted.

i'm sure they made a mess at our house. just something else for my parents to have to take care of. but my mom and dad never complained about the little chicks or refused to let us have one. one of my chicks lived quiet a long time. i was a little disappointed that he turned out to be a rooster, and just a plain white one at that. he was also kind of mean and chased us around the yard.

check out farmer julie's blog. she has some of the most beautiful photos of flowers i have ever seen! then go buy yourself a new pair of shoes for easter. preferably white patent leather, and be sure to let me know if you find any easter chicks out there!

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  1. Oh, my, aren't Easter chicks and shoes from Taylor Howard's some of your best childhood memories! Our kids have no idea what it was like buying all your clothes/shoes/accessories in one store. I don't think any of my chicks ever lasted more than a couple of days. Also, I believe it might be illegal now to sell dyed chicks.