Tuesday, March 16, 2010

goodwill shopping

i have always been a "goodwill" shopper. some of my favorite things have been purchased there. especially in the days when you could "fill a bag" for 10 dollars. shoppers would be allowed to stuff as many items as possible in the bag. wow, it was amazing at how much i could cram in those bags. that ended at most goodwill stores several years ago when they realized how many people would buy and resale on ebay. now, they have "tag" sales, but everything is priced high enough that i think twice before buying.

recently i began to "goodwill" shop again. i was walking around not finding anything interesting, until i walked by a coat. i noticed because the same wool pattern on the jacket was recently featured in country living magazine. the colors and indian design were beautiful. the coat was vintage, possible from the 70's or 80's. i purchased it for 8 dollars. (i actually thought it was going to be half price or i might have put it back!) i decided to list it on ebay, and if it did not sell i would give it to my sister (to make a pillow.) i am knew to ebay, but the coat did very well and ended up selling for 69 dollars! that was 8x the money invested and in only 5 days.

i have purchased two other items to resale and they both did well. i bought a skirt for a dollar and it sold for 4. a burberry item was purchased for 4 dollars and sold for 42! that was 10x my investment in only days! i don't go to goodwill often but i will stop by every now and then to scout out some "hot" items. try it sometime and happy hunting!

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