Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Saw this on pinterest and thought I'd give it a try. Actually, I had thought of it before, one look at your fingers after making a gallon of kool-aid and you gotta know this stuff would stick to eggs! I used strawberry with about 1 cup water.  This turned out to be a very bright coral. Which is good since it's such a popular shade this year!

1 cup of cold water and 1 pack of strawberry kool-aid.
I left it in for about 5 minutes.

Turned out to be a bright coral.

I diluted the second cup with more water and ended up
with a light shade of coral.

Third egg, another shade lighter by adding even more water.

I am buying more kool-aid to try other colors tomorrow.
I was surprised at how bright they were in so little time.
I love how they are lighter shades of the same color.
Try it, fun for the kiddos!

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