Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunshine Mirror

Found this mirror the other day at a...well, it wasn't a yard sale, or a flea market or a thrift store. Not sure what you call it when someone pulls to the side of the road, opens their trunk, and unloads junk to sell. Right there, in a gravel parking area.  I guess I will just call it "road sell". (Not to be mistaken with "road kill", although sometimes you can't tell the difference.)

I was just driving by, I seldom stop at yard sales. I'm more of a thrift store kinda girl. But my brakes went on for this one. I had to save that mirror.

Short story even shorter I said, "How much is the mirror?" They said, "One dollar." I said, "I'll take it."

It may turn out a different color, but I tried the yellow since it reminded me of the sunshine.

The metal is so thin you can bend it. But I like that because it's so lightweight.
Can hang it anywhere without any help!

A little spray primer...I was so excited I forgot to remove the mirror and back!

Came right out, couldn't have been easier!

It isn't going to stay here, just popped it there to dry and to grab a picture.
The color is "Sunshine Yellow",  it's Krylon, I picked it up at WalMart.
This cutie will probably end up in Mallie's nursery, Purple maybe?? Red maybe??

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