Monday, August 20, 2012

Yard Sales and Lemonade

Over the weekend I helped Elisha and Jessie with a yard sale. I hardly ever go to one myself, or have them either. But Elisha is great with sales Jessie seems to be getting the hang of it too. They posted items on facebook and actually had people see it, text, and come by to pick up it up! Yard sales have sure changed it the last few years.

I just love Elisha and her family. She has two beautiful daughters and her husband is a cousin of Greg's. (But who isn't a cousin of Greg's!) Elisha works full time, forever busy, and also sells 31.

Here are a few pics I just had to post. Especially the lemonade stand. A relative picked it up at a yard sale a few years ago and all the kids use it. Katie sold 3 gallons of lemonade! She was a great little salesman girl and no one could turn her down! Don't forget to let your kids sell lemonade, at least once! So much fun!

Her aunt Lori said that maybe she scared everyone into buying lemonade with that "look!"

Is that not the cutest vintage lemonade stand...ever!

Katie loves Jack and is so good to him!

Jack's first yard sale purchase, and his first lawnmower. He loves it.

Elisha's mom will not have to cut the grass for several weeks!

Another yard sale purchase. His first "power wheels". Well it's pink but can't turn down
a 3 dollars set of wheels! Well, at least I took the Barbie stickers off :)

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