Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My friend Tennie can come up with the best ideas! First of all, yes her name is Tennie. And yes she is named after Tennessee. Pretty cool!

This is her latest creation for her grandson's 8th birthday. Those kids have the best parties ever!

Wrestling Ring! Yes it was a big "HIT"!
When she came up with the idea, she said everyone laughed at her! But it was the bestest party yet!
Here is how she did it:

1 Blue Tarp (Walmart)
4 Pool Noodles (Walmart)
4 Metal Fence Posts (Borrowed)
Elastic Rope, (that a friend just happened to have at work) But you could use any rope.

She laid the tarp out and measured for the fence posts and hammered them in ground. The noodles slipped over the posts. The she just tied the rope around and also tied the 4 corners of the tarp to the posts. At this point they had their wrestling ring and she just added some blow up boxing gloves for even more fun! The boys played for hours and her Grandson is begging for her to set it up at Nanna's!

What 8 year old wouldn't love this party! And to top it off they camped out and had a night of star gazing!

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  1. This is awesome. I did something similar for my daughter but this is another way of doing it. Thank you for giving me another way of doing this.