Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dolly's Eyeglasses!

Jessie bought these dolls for a friends daughter. Her friend just happens to be and "eye doctor" that has a young daughter who wears glasses. Little Mattie loves her eyeglasses and Jess thought one of the dolly's should be sporting a pair, just like Mattie.

Not sure where Jess bought these dolls, but she said they were supposed to be replicas of the ones that John Lennon gave his children. John Lennon, well maybe it was someone else. Not even sure he had a daughter. I will have to ask her more about that, guess I wasn't listening.

So of course I added a pair of glasses on one of the dolls. I didn't draw a pattern or anything, just started embroidering with red thread, (she loves red.) Jessie said they looked like red cat eye glasses.

If you know a little girl who wears glasses, be sure she has a doll who doesn't have 20/20 vision either!
She will love you for it!

Ouch! This hurts me to look at it!

Little Cuties!

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