Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spray Paint a Wicker Chair

I saw these bright outdoor wicker chairs at Pier 1 and loved them! But didn't like the price tag so much.

Then I remembered two chairs I had bought (very cheaply) at Big Lots or somewhere...several years ago.  The paint on my chair legs had turned a weird pink color and also was chipping off.  I had asked Greg to put them in the woods near the pond. And now, I wanted them back! So he and Jack rode the 4 wheeler up there and hauled them back down.  Now I 'll just add the pictures of my little project and see what you think. Used plastic paint for less then 10 dollars and I think they will stand in well for these more expensive ones! What do you think?!

These chairs were looking a little sad

Not only was the paint chipping, but had turned a pink color!

First coat of RED!

The chairs are some type of outdoor plastic so I thought this paint would be best.

Painted half to see what a difference a little paint can make!

The worse part was getting the red paint on my favorite shorts (very sad face here)
I will dye the shorts red and let you know what happens.
Why did I not change out of them!!!

I used this paint for the chair legs in the same color.
Wasn't sure how the plastic paint would do.

Drying the chairs and hadn't painted the legs yet either. I was still in mourning about the paint on my shorts.

I set them out to take a pic but still letting them have a lot of drying time.
But I think they are gonna look great!

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