Thursday, July 19, 2012

Movin' some Brick

Greg bought these handmade brick about 30 years ago. They came from an old building and of course we've never really used them for anything.

We moved them to Madisonville at my parents house about 25 years ago.  The neighbor up there offered to clean out the old fence row,which would make our mowing a little easier. Now I need to move these brick. There are roots growing around them, not to mention all the spiders and bugs that are making their home around.

Finally, I've decided to move all these brick, even if it's a few every day or so. I'm using a wagon since the old wheelbarrow had a flat tire. Would go a little faster if I had a "wagon train".

Glad Tanner mows cause I don't even know how to start it.
He rides, I push.

Tanner kind of reminds me of Forest Gump when he mows.
Watching him makes me smile, he takes it very seriously.

The neighbor offered to clean this up, Tanner will love that!

Yes, I am using a wagon to move these brick, For now anyway.
It doesn't look like a big job, but there's 100's of these heavy things!

Some of the Brick are stacked, my dad must have done this :)

So many brick underneath all these vines and roots.

Some of the brick is broken, but I'm picking it up and moving it anyway.

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