Thursday, April 26, 2012

Popular Baby Names

I have been making these bracelets for the past year. You can check them out on my etsy shop, there's a link right over there. See it? To the right. Yes that 's it... Anyway thought I'd post a few pics and add a few of the names that seem to be popular with the young mom's right now.

I had a recent order for a mom of triplets! I was so excited to make them for her. She had a special request. Instead of the babies names she wanted the letter L, the letter R, and the letter B.
You have any guesses as to why these letters? She was a breast/bottle feeding Mom. The babies would take turns wearing the bracelets. L for left breast. R for right breast and B for bottle fed. She hoped this would help remember how the babies got their last feeding!  She promised to send me pics!

Here are some of the names parents are using:

Jack (of course!), Mia, Tillie, Elise, Patrick, Kerry, Owen, Jacob, Sarah, Lilly, Hope, Will and Jake.
I'll keep you posted on popular baby names every few months!

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